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Emanzipation, yellow vinyl, In 2000,...
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Emanzipation, yellow vinyl, In 2000, Panzerchrist were not unknown in the European death metal scene. Their previous two albums brought them recognition and respect from the underground press, the extreme metal fans and their pairs due to an efficient, brutal and precise approach to their style. Yet, nothing had prepared the world for what’s to come in “Soul Collector”. The band top their own speed and brutality, delivering an opus of eight songs, sung entirely in German, where the fastest death metal met some black metal influences to bring Panzerchrist to the top of their game, gaining even more respect and admiration for the Danish group. The recording line-up was strong was a panzer: Illdisposed vocalist Bo Summer led the troops, followed closely by Exmortem drummer Reno Killerich, ex-Frozen Sun guitar player Michael Kopietz and bassist Karina Bundgaard. The band went leaps and highs ever since the release of “Panzerchrist”, but it was in 2000, with this fast and flawless offering, that Panzerchrist hit their real breakthrough and went from a death metal promise to a global extreme metal entity.

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