Sorrow & Extinction DLP NEON VIOLET

20 Buck Spin, gatefold cover, repress 2022,...
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20 Buck Spin, gatefold cover, repress 2022, neon violet double vinyl, 2022 repressing. For the 10th anniversary of the album this pressing i ncludes a large reproduction of the original record release shows poster measuring 18x32 inches, also created by S&E cover artist Sean Reynolds Williams. This poster will be included with both the deluxe and regular editions of the 2022 10 year anniversary pressings of Sorrow & Extinction. The poster will NOT be included in subsequent pressings in the future. Gatefold 2xLP edition with exclusive artwork, released by 20 Buck Spin. A crushingly heavy and beautifully melancholy piece of traditional style Doom Metal, 'Sorrow And Extinction' reveals more layers with each listen, paradoxically becoming an uplifting, transcedent experience. Brett's incredible vocals, soaring above the twin guitar melodies and megalithic doom riffs, give the LP a uniqueness and confidence rarely found in a band on their first LP. Pitchfork's #1 metal album of 2012.

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