Screaming Eagles - The Complete Works (6CD CLAMSHELL BOX)

Global Rock Records, In the early 2000's Graham...
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Global Rock Records, In the early 2000's Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson, both having been founding and long serving members and songwriters of the legendary Saxon and performing on the bands most classic early albums, launched Oliver/Dawson Saxon. Beginning a journey to not only showcase in a live setting their years as songwriters and key members of the main group, but to record new music and add a new chapter or two to their formidable legacy. The result was a band that toured consistently until 2020, along the way they also found time to release the fantastic ‘Motorbiker’ studio album and issue several potent and exciting live releases, where these classic compositions took on a new lease of life. Sadly Steve Dawson, for personal reasons has stepped down from the band thus ending the O.D.S. union, but leaving a legacy of music that both men can be most proud of.

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