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Awakening Records, jewelcase, ltd. 1000, IMPORT, The complete history of Canadian metal legends, OBLIVEON, now recreated! OBLIVEON emerged in January 1987 when three guys from Montreal decided to transform a fun pastime into a musical career. During this same year, two demos launched in March and September circulated on the underground alternative scene and left a positive Impression. The band took its true take-off with the output in 1989 of the demo Fiction of Veracity recorded with the arrival of a second guitarist and a new drummer. Labelled in its beginnings as a Death Metal act because of the trend which prevailed at that time, OBLIVEON always developed its own identity by exploring original and contemporary sonorities. Today, while preserving the intensity of its roots, the sound of the quintet incorporates various musical moods to create a cosmic environment connected on Cybermetal guitar riffs and rhythmic percussion. The fourth and last album Carnivore Mothermouth came out in the summer of 1999. With the output of this last opus, the group pushed back the limits even further from its particular and futuristic style.

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