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Darkness Shall Rise, Hardcover-digibook, 30 page booklet, NIFELHEIM`s self-titled debut from 1995 has rightfully garnered the band much praise in the underground. Spawned at a time when myriads of bands were hopping on the bandwagon of nice black metal with cheesy keyboards and female vocals, this slab of abrasive old-school metal felt like a much-needed bold Fuck you. Aptly titled songs like “Black curse”, “Sodomizer” or “Satanic Sacrifice” relentlessly grab for the throat. NIFELHEIM`s amalgam of pummeling riffs occassionally interspersed with wailing solos, the vocalist`s demented shrieks resembling a rabid animal and the barbarous pounding drums make for one hell of a timeless debut. Now, after almost 30 years since this mean masterpiece was initially brought forth from the bowels of hell it sees its long-overdue re-releases. A very in-depth interview with Tyrant and Hellbutcher highlighting the early days of the band until their last opus „Envoy Of Lucifer“ was also conducted for these reissues. You can read parts of this interview in the corresponding releases as well you will find many unseen pictures and material from the band in the large booklets for every title.

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