The Savage Sword CD

No Remorse, Formed in France during the summer...
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No Remorse, Formed in France during the summer of 2017, Nemedian Chronicles combine the epic side of heavy and power metal, inspired by Sword & Sorcery themes and Robert E. Howard's Hyborian Age. The debut full-length "The Savage Sword" includes 12 tracks and 70 minutes of Cimmerian power metal inspired by Manowar, Blind Guardian and HammerFall. The album is produced by Nemedian Chronicles and Patric Guiraud. Music and lyrics written by Guillaume Lefebvre. Cover art by Mario Lopez. Tracklist: 1. Nemedian Chronicles 2. Born on a Battlefield 3. Venarium 4. The Thing in the Crypt 5. Tower of the Elephant 6. Tigress of the Black Coast 7. The Savage Sword 8. Monsterslayer 9. Black Lotus / The Curse of Thog 10. Stygian Sons of Set 11. The Song of Red Sonja 12. Road of the Kings

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