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Vic Records, Necrosanct were a Death Metal band...
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Vic Records, Necrosanct were a Death Metal band from Brighton, United Kingdom, formed in early 1989. The band released three full-lengths and two demos and did five European tours and featured on a worldwide MTV showcase. Necrosanct was: Finlay Light (Drums), Chris Cooper (Guitar), Cal Scott (Guitar / Leads) and Ant Ryan (Bass / vocals). Best known are their two albums on the famous Swedish label Black Mark (Bathory): second full length ‘Incarnate’ released in 1992 and their final album ‘Desolate’ from 1993. All tracks are remastered by Achilleas Kalantzis at Suncord Audiolab, March, April 2019 (Varathron guitarplayer, remastered Black Shepherd, Inverted). Bonus to the demos are the two final Necorsanct tracks ever. Liner notes by Pim Blankenstein (Infernal Majesty, Sinister, Toxik).

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