Slovo meseca i krvi CD DIGIPACK

Soulseller Records, 6 panel digipack, NADSVEST,...
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Soulseller Records, 6 panel digipack, NADSVEST, comprised of Serbian native”S” (Gorgoroth) and New Zealander “A” (Barshesketh), is a hellish combination of the first, second-wave and bestial black metal scenes, with unhealthy doses of heavy metal and nods to Serbian folk music. Lyrical themes deal with the black arts through the lens of the darker aspects of Serbian folklore. Conceptually, “Slovo meseca i krvi” is an epic poem exploring the stages in the process of awakening the primal werewolf force in the warrior, the triumph of the spirit and the ultimate sacrifice of the flesh. The sound was forged in Sonorous Studio with the goal of evoking the noise of the tortured soul.

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