Engraved with Pain LP CLEAR "BLACK DUST"

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Metal Blade, clear "black dust" vinyl, Iltd...
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Metal Blade, clear "black dust" vinyl, Iltd 300, nsert, download card, The stylistic pyroclasm of MORNE’s bleak, extreme but reachable metal did not happen overnight. Since their 2009 debut album, Untold Wait, the Boston-based four-piece have made simple categorizations like ‘doom’ or even ‘metal’ laughable, and their latest and fifth full-length, Engraved With Pain, refines their attack to a level toward which even 2018’s To the Night Unknown could only hint. For MORNE, Engraved With Pain is a moment of grim triumph, as rooted in Celtic Frost as in Ministry, still somehow extrapolated from the gods Black Sabbath and characteristic of no one so much as themselves. A document that speaks directly to future historians looking back and wondering just where the hell it all went so wrong. Imagine a Rosetta Stone for the sixth great extinction

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