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Alma Mater Records/ Rastilho Records, 2-CD in 6-panel Digipack 8 Pages Booklet w/lyrics + liner notes from Fernando Ribeiro Includes a second CD with bonus Welcome to MEMORIAL’s renewal: our seventh full-length album, originally released via Steamhammer/SPV on April 24th, 2006. Together with its successor (Night Eternal) this album has been left in the limbo. With SPV’s 2009 insolvency, we had to check, single-handedly, how to bring our back catalogue again to the fans. Music industry can be a monkey business, and we tried for years to get hold of our rights and releases, as the Moonspell fans demand and deserve that ALL our music is available, at their entire disposal. So, we are proud indeed, of bringing you back one of our finest albums in ALL physical formats, complete with ALL bonus tracks, and also available in ALL digital platforms so you can, in return, enjoy again the sounds of MEMORIAL. This album was our humble homage to the spirit of the Nineties. When Metal, especially with Century Media bands, was pursuing different avenues and experimenting new ideas. Moonspell has been there, “done that”, trying to write our own chapter in an illustrious book, that would develop in ways no one could ever imagine. Many “happy ends”, but also its share of grief and abandonment like a beautiful graveyard. Memorial was recorded at the same studio as Wolfheart, Irreligious and Sin (Woodhouse Studios) with the same producer (Waldemar Sorychta) and was, among other things, a certified Gold record in Portugal and the album of the month for Metal Hammer Germany at the time. Besides the honors one likes to invoke, this album feels like a straightforward honest and even “pure” intention to tap into important times. We are very glad here in Alma Mater Records to push it back to life and hope sincerely you will receive it with as much passion as Moonspell had while recording and releasing it, around fourteen years ago. What the soul hides, blood tells! Tracklist, 2CD CD1 - Memorial 1. In Memoriam (instrumental) 2. Finisterra 3. Memento Mori 4. Sons of Earth (instrumental) 5. Blood Tells 6. Upon the Blood of Men 7. At the Image of Pain 8. Sanguine 9. Proliferation" (instrumental) 10. Once It Was Ours! 11. Mare Nostrum (instrumental) 12. Luna 13. Best Forgotten 14. Atlantic CD2 - Bonus Tracks - Live at CC Estúdio 2 (Portugal) 1. Memento Mori 2. Blood Tells 3. Sanguine 4. Best Forgotten

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