Anno Satanae CD

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Alma Mater Records/ Rastilho Records, Morbid...
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Alma Mater Records/ Rastilho Records, Morbid God’s 1992 Serpent Angel, Moonspell’s 1993 Anno Satanæ and 1994’s Under the Moonspell, constitute the unlikely but much revered Moonspell’s earl days and their only recordings in Portugal with unnamable producers, before they went to Germany to record Wolfheart, their wolferian debut album. Punctuated by raw and serpentine atmospheres, that evolved in their Adipocere’s semaphore minialbum Under the Moonspell into a hellish extravaganza of oriental and melodic impromptus, this new collection curated by Langsuyar himself (aka Fernando Ribeiro) includes also the Under Satanæ 2007 re-recordings long out of print and of the digital 01. Intro 02. Goat On Fire 03. Ancient Winter Goddess 04. Wolves From The Fog 05. Outro 06. Serpent Angel (Morbid God) 07. The Fever

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