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Underground Activists, white vinyl, ltd 200,...
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Underground Activists, white vinyl, ltd 200, gatefold, Embark on a journey into the heart of darkness with MERRIMACK, an enigmatic black metal force hailing from the atmospheric depths of France. Since its inception, Merrimack has emerged as an aural entity exploring the shadowy realms where spirituality converges. The very name MERRIMACK, signifying infinite depth and abyss, serves as a harbinger of the boundless journey of the black metal the band craft. 'Of Gravity and Grace' challenges the fabric of reality, where the dichotomy between glimpsed truths and the divine particle manifests. This album is a return to an original Luciferian revolt, echoing the sentiments of Antonin Artaud's proclamation: “We are the microbes of God”. In a world cluttered with superficial expressions of Satanism, MERRIMACK transcends the clichés, embracing a profound exploration of faith and dissidence. As the haunting melodies of the album unfold, listeners will be immersed in an aural pilgrimage that eclipses the boundaries of conventional black metal. Experience the essence of MERRIMACK's alchemy, where the corporeal and the cosmic collide, offering a transformative journey through the shadows of the Cross. 'Of Gravity and Grace' showcases the enduring power of black metal to provoke, challenge, and elevate the spirit. Embrace the darkness and let MERRIMACK guide you through the realms where chaos meets eternity. For fans of WATAIN, ASCENSION, VI, BLAZE OF PERDITION, VALKYRJA, ONDSKAPT. Artwork by Belial Necroarts. Tracklist: 01. Sulphurean Synods (06:42) 02. Sublunar Despondency (07:07) 03. Dead and Distant Clamors (05:35) 04. Wounds that Heal (06:44) 05. Starving Crowns (08:05) 06. Under the Aimless Spheres (07:01)

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