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Doomentia Records, digipack, ltd. 500, two bonus tracks, miniposter sheet w/ lyrics, It’s not that often that you get the chance to work with a true legend, even more so for a special release. Hence DOOMENTIA pride to announce the upcoming release of a very special EP for the legendary death metal act MASSACRE in two different formats with exclusive content and tracklisting. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last thirty years or so, MASSACRE should need no introduction. Not only have the Orlando-based band helped build the very foundations death metal was built upon in the late 80’s, not only have they put out one of the genre best debut ever with From Beyond but ever since Kam Lee has rightfully regained control and firmly put his hands on the steering wheel with 2021 massive Resurgence album, they’ve decided to play the game according to their rules. Besides working with a rotating line-up of musicians (incl. Jonny Pettersson from WOMBBATH and Rogga from PAGANIZER among others) according to the situation, either be it in the studio or live, they’ve chosen to carefully put out on a regular basis high-quality and limited EPs instead of the regular album/touring cycle. Tri-pocalypse is once ready to set the bar even higher. A well-known huge horror movie fan, Lee has decided to pay tribute to the three apocalyptic films by director John Carpenter, namely ‘The Thing’, ‘Prince Of Darkness’ and ‘In The Mouth Of Madness’ which all served as a direct aesthetic and lyrical source of inspiration, especially since all three were themselves hugely influenced by Howard Philips Lovecraft writings, one of MASSACRE favourite lyrical theme. The outro (‘Escape From The End Of The World’) was specifically created for this EP by composer Rob Reider, in the style of Carpenter original soundtracks. Says Lee: “I’m excited for fans to get a hold of this new EP in physical format, because that’s the true way it’s meant for it to be represented. Both versions are awesome and I encourage everyone to try and get both the vinyl and CD copies. It’s a must for the collectors and completionist. The music style still resonates an old school death metal sound veering only slightly from its early roots and continues to combine a mixture of the classic Florida death metal style with a contemporary Swedish death metal sound.” Compared to the vinyl, the CD version has two exclusive remixed and rerecorded versions of ‘They Never Die’ and ‘Beyond The Dunwich Hills’, two songs originally included on a supra-limited self-produced CD last year. If the first one is an homage to the vampriric mythology, the second one is directly inspired by the tabletop RPG series Arkham Horror and is a kind of sequel to the song ‘The Dunwich Horror’ from 2022 EP Mythos.

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