Mischievous Dreams MC BLUE

Jawbreaker Records, blue tape, ltd. 150, DL...
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Jawbreaker Records, blue tape, ltd. 150, DL code, MANACE is a heavy/speed metal entity consisting on this demo solely of one young and multitalented maniac by the name of Marlon. The music of MANACE must be likened to the glorious master era of U.S. Metal, not as a carbon copy, but by finding paths into new territory in the same way as the legendary acts of the 80s did. The result is an intricate and flowing musical landscapes of mindbending loops and powerful hooks that should delight any fans of Savage Grace, Omen, Warlord or Chastain. The 5-track demo tape Mischievous Dreams tells the story of a man trapped inside endless nightmares, being stalked by a malicious creature, while tying to escape this mischievous dream. Will he find his ways through these twisted realities? Feel the gashing wounds caused by these five blows of the Heavy Metal sword forged with teutonic precision and evil intention. “We’ll meet again in your haunted dreams…”

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