A Mind a World Away CD

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Arkeyn Steel Records, ltd. 500 handnumbered cd's, In 1991, four high school friends in the Chicago suburbs; Steve Stefani, Michael Konopka, Adam Polzin, and Oliver Schmidt, united to form a band and produce a killer metal sound that would violate the ears of every man, woman, and child in the universe. Countless nights and weekends in Mike’s parent’s basement soon followed, and after crafting a handful of original songs, the band was ready for a vocalist. An ad placed in the local Illinois Entertainer magazine was answered by Scott Huffman (Syris, Spirit Web, Mindwarp Chamber, Twelfth Gate etc). Scott’s strong vocals and original lyrics were a perfect match for the shredding guitar, thunderous drums, and mind-blowing bass that gave the band its signature sound. Lords of Meat was born! In 1993, “A Mind A World Away” was recorded at Metropolis Studios and released on 500 cassette tapes, with another 100 CDRs soon to follow. Arkeyn Steel’s “A Mind A World Away” CD features both the band’s demos – “A Mind A World Away” (1993) and the unreleased Live Demo 1992. This great reissue features re-mix of the songs that appeared on the bands Demo 1993 and as usual all the songs have been digital remastered for the best possible sound experience. Unreleased photos plus bio and lyrics complete the package. Don’t miss your chance to listen this perfect US metal power!! For fans of Oliver Magnum, Helstar, Syris, Toxik, Vicious Rumors!

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