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Swan Song, digi, double CD, booklet, "Physical Graffiti": Reissue number six of Led Zeppelin is at the start Led Zeppelin's double album "Physical Graffiti" was released on February 24, 1975, and the remastered version is being released almost to the day on the 40th anniversary of its initial release. The "40th Anniversary Edition" of "Physical Graffiti" continues the reissue under the aegis of Jimmy Page. Almost all of the band's longplayers have become legend, but Led Zep's sixth studio album still holds a very special place today. In the memory of fans, the double album has imprinted itself as particularly monumental with tracks like "Kashmir" and "Trampled Under Foot". "Physical Graffiti" continues the approach of reissues established last year. The double album by Led Zeppelin is released in several versions on CDs and on vinyl. In addition, deluxe editions and a super deluxe edition have again been compiled. For the reissue of "Physical Graffiti" there is a companion disc or LP with outtakes, as with the previous five records to the deluxe editions. They are from the time of the album's creation and give insight into the creation and development of the songs. "Physical Graffiti" was the first album that Led Zeppelin released under their own label Swan Song. It already achieved platinum status through pre-orders and immediately landed at number 1 in the album charts after its release. Characteristic of the double album is the wide musical range: "Bron-Yr-Aur" is Led Zep's gentle acoustic classic, the funky number is "Trampled Under Foot", rockiest track is " Custard Pie" and "Kashmir" is the exotic solitaire among the gems of this album. Led Zeppelin gave the album the title "Physical Graffiti" to indicate the physical effort this double album had meant to them. The recordings dragged on because they were exhausted from the many tours of the previous years. They initially recorded eight long numbers, which offered too much material for a normal LP and too little for a double album. So the idea came up to add unreleased tracks from the sessions for the previous albums. "Physical Graffiti" therefore contains songs that were created from July 1970 to February 1974. The high quality of the remastering under the direction of Jimmy Page is proven by the reissues of the first five Led Zeppelin albums from 2014. Page takes into account during the remastering that the current reissue will be released on CD and LP. For that reason alone, the original analog studio tapes are mixed differently than they were back then. The old familiar Led Zeppelin classics sound new and different. The consistent opinion of the listeners is: New, different and better.

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