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Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records, LAZARUS...
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Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records, LAZARUS were a Christian heavy / power metal band from the UK that started in the late 80's and gained posthumous famous from their two songs "Do Or Die" and "Overpower" that were included in the legendary white metal compilation "White Metal Warriors - Last Ship Home" that was released in 1991. The band had recorded an entire studio album back in the early 90's that was supposed to be released by Edge Records but unfortunately it remained forever unreleased. During the Covid pandemic we were contacted by our friend Olaf Becker, a white metal guru and he proposed to us to release this little known gem, as he was in contact with the band. After exchanging a few emails with the guitar player and co-founder of the band Stuart Pope we came to an agreement to finally release the band's "lost" album and offer "Exegesis" a new life, including as bonus songs the two classic LAZARUS tunes from the aforementioned compilation and the completely unreleased "Onto Jerusalem" that never made it to that compilation. We prepared for you a short teaser with a few seconds from each song and we strongly believe that this is a CD release that you should not miss. It comes with 20 page booklet loaded with a very detailed interview with the band conducted by Olaf Becker himself, plus amazing photos, lyrics, credits and liner notes. Limited to 500 copies. LAZARUS: JONATHAN BUDD: VOCALS/ACOUSTIC GUITAR MARK ROBINS: BASS/ACOUSTIC GUITAR/VOCALS PAUL JARRETT: DRUMS AND PERCUSSION STUART POPE: GUITAR DAVID BRIDGE: GUITAR TRACK LISTING: 1. SEEIN’ AIN’T ALWAYS BELIEVIN’ 2. VIOLENT OBSESSION 3. SILVER GODDESS 4. CAESAR RUSH 5. AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY 6. MOCKINGBIRD 7. UTOPIA 8. CATHARSIS 9. LOVE IS A CRIMSON FLOOD 10. IF I WERE YOU 11. WHAT A FRIEND 12. DO OR DIE (BONUS) 13. OVERPOWER (BONUS) 14. ONTO JERUSALEM (BONUS)

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