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Dying Victims Productions, black vinyl, insert,...
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Dying Victims Productions, black vinyl, insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code, Since 2009, LADY BEAST have been flying the flag for refined HEAVY METAL. The band hail from the Steel City of Pittsburgh, forming with firm influences ranging from Motörhead, Dio, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Mercyful Fate. From there, LADY BEAST have weaved their own unique style of metal with silky-yet-sharp harmonizing guitars and the soaring, rally-the-warriors vocals of frontwoman Deborah Levine. All the while, they’ve retained their blue-collar roots but have never forgotten the majesty of metal in its earliest, most classic form: fantasy, magic, epic adventure, and of course ANTHEMS! While the quintet have released four full-lengths to date, it was LADY BEAST’s second album, 2015’s Lady Beast II, which could be viewed as their “breakout” moment. Released like their self-titled debut on their own Cobra Cabana Records, the original version of Lady Beast II was a vinyl edition limited to only 250 copies; the CD version followed later on Infernö Records, which closed a couple years ago. Thus, Lady Beast II has been criminally out of print, and DYING VICTIMS will now rectify that with a new vinyl version featuring remastered sound and updated cover art. Whatever year you experience it, LADY BEAST’s second album is a stormer, strutting and galloping with equal might, as instantly-hummable riffs prop up all these anthems-to-be whilst evincing a narrative flow that’s the quintessence of swords & sorcery. Of course, Levine’s vocals exude passion and power, pure & total EMOTION, and her performance here helped put LADY BEAST atop of the keep-it-true pack. Raise your sword again or for the first time with this new vinyl version of Lady Beast II!”

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