Live at Dynamo Open Air 1998 LP BLACK

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Dynamo Concerts, black 180g vinyl, gatefold,...
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Dynamo Concerts, black 180g vinyl, gatefold, Together with Destruction and Sodom, Mille Petrozza and his men are the forefathers and masters of German thrash metal. When they performed at the Dynamo Festival in the summer of 1998, they could already look back on a 16-year career and found themselves in a musically very interesting phase of their creative work. During their strong set the band played some tracks from the then current album 'Outcast', as well as classics like "Extreme Aggression" or "Pleasure To Kill". A strong live recording of the thrash veterans! Take a fascinating look back into the history of one of the leading thrash metal bands, Kreator, live at the Dynamo! "I think it was an interesting musical period. Those years were never documented until now. The songs were Heavy as Fuck" - Mille Petrozza

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