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Jawbreaker Records, alien green tape, ltd. 150, DL code, Canadian cosmic Heavy Metal mob Kontact will soon deliver their debut album Full Contact. Planet Terra’s leading Sci-Fi Metal label Jawbreaker Records are proud to present the tape version of this otherworldly opus. If you have never encountered this unidentified object of Heavy Metal oddness, the massive soundscapes of nail-biting guitar riffs, powerful drumming and enchanting vocals will surely grip you instantly with the bands unique approach. As if the likes of Scanner and Manilla Road were coupled with Voivod, but such an analogy would merely scratch the surface because Kontact truly make their Sci-Fi laden rock tunes into a totally new entity. Bizarre is things may seem, the familiarity in the sumptuous synth lines and scathing lead guitars adds a classic element to their anthemic yet anarchic face-melters. Harnessing a mastery of groove and melody while not relying on the usual tropes, it is clear to see this band was never destined to be yet another “NWOTHM” band easily categorised with their contemporaries. Although those epic moments of the past are present, there is no predicting the movements of this unearthly band. Heavy Metal is a genre that feels very human and grounded, yet Kontact take this and inject the alien elements that project naturally forth from their science fiction world and craft us a record that is as strong in theme and steeped in lore as it is sonically explorative. Where many have failed to combine these technical, progressive and downright unusual elements into a genre as conservative as Heavy Metal, Kontact gel them in such a way that is chaotic and yet coherent. Listen to the sleazy backbeat grooves of “Heavy Leather” next to “Watcher at the Edge of Time” and its progressive sensibilities and witness a band whose combining forces of the norm with utterly absurd concoct a lucid journey into the stratosphere before your very eyes. Love it or hate it, nobody can deny Kontact have pushed Heavy Metal into the further reaches of the cosmos to entirely unique, crushing and exciting new effect. Bare witness to this celestial masterpiece and be transported to the stars…

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