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High Roller Records, live at Keep It True, screwed pro-music cassette, ltd 100, 2 panel j-card, Acid, formed in Bruges in 1980 (and initially called Precious Page), are widely considered to have been one of the first speed metal bands on the European continent. Lead vocalist Kate de Lombaerd, guitarists Dirk Simoens (Dizzy Lizzy) and Donald Devers (Demon), bassist Peter (T-Bone) and drummer Geert (Anvill) recorded three highly regarded albums for Giant Records – »Acid« (1983), »Maniac« (1983) and »Engine Beast« (1985) – before breaking up sometime in the mid-80s. In 2019, Kate de Lombaerd decided to resurrect the band and eventually got together with Mathieu Trobec (bass), Gilles Reuse (guitar) , Andreas Stieglitz (guitar) and Bastiaan Andriessen (drums) under the name of Kate’s Acid. They appeared live at Keep It True Rising in 2021 and once again at Keep It True in 2023, where the current live album, aptly called »Blowing Your Ears Off«, was recorded. “The idea to record our show at Keep It True in 2023 came from a friend,” continues Kate, “referring to the video they made at KIT, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to put this out on CD and vinyl. And so contact was made with Oliver Weinsheimer and further on with Jacky Lehmann, who did the recording and later on also the mix.” The Acid singer really enjoyed her time at the festival: “The first time on stage at Keep It True for me was in 2010. It was great coming back, and playing for so many people was fantastic. A few things went wrong, but we kept our heads high and performed like never before. The interaction with the crowd (fans) was incredible.” Although with songs like “Maniac”, “Hooked On Metal”, “Bottoms Up”, “Black Car” and “Max Overload” »Blowing Your Ears Off« contains most of the best material Acid have recorded for their three studio albums, two fan favourites unfortunately didn’t make the cut: “Heaven’s Devils” and “Lucifera”. “I know,” sighs the singer, “but you have to make sacrifices, don’t you? Our limit on stage was one hour. You can not play them all.” 01 Maniac 02 Hooked on Metal 03 No Time 04 Stand Up and Shout (Dio cover) 05 Let Me Die 06 Hell on Wheels 07 Bottoms Up 08 Big Ben 09 Exterminator 10 Lost in Hell 11 Black Car 12 Max Overload

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