On the History of Destruction CD

Dark Symphonies/ The Crypt, ltd 1000 including...
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Dark Symphonies/ The Crypt, ltd 1000 including 3 brand new tracks, re-recordings of 2 old tracks, a Bolt Thrower Tribute, 2 unreleased tracks from the archives and a Hail of Bullets cover. The band was founded by Anders Biazzi (Amon Amarth, Blood Mortized) in the summer of 2012 , Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Revoling, The Grotesquery...) joined in some months later. It was meant to be a 2 man project, Anders writing the music and Rogga doing the Screams and writing the lyrics. But soon after more and more got involved in the project! Names like Dave Ingram, Jonas Stålhammar, Johan Jansson, Rick Rozz, Marc Grewe, Jonny Petterson, Håkan Stuvemark, Brynjar Helgetun, Jonas Lindblood, Rai Wolters, Ralf Hauber and many many more! So far the band has released 2 Full-lengths and one EP on Chaos records

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