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Alma Mater Records/ Rastilho Records, IRONSWORD...
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Alma Mater Records/ Rastilho Records, IRONSWORD was formed in 1995 and slowly established over the years a respected underground cult status and considered one of the pioneering bands in a subset of traditional Heavy Metal. Prior to the release of the upcoming 6th album “Wolves Beyond the Border” in 2024, the band returns with a renewed lineup to release this year a 4 song EP titled “Underground”, which marks a new chapter in the band's history. Consisting of original founding member Tann on guitars and vocals, Phill Ross on bass and Neudi on drums, the band shows no intention to stray off their trademark sound, but surprisingly manage to keep their music exciting and refreshing.” Mastered by Patrick W. Engel; Special Guests: Rick Fisher and Randy Foxe

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