Malicious Magician / The Law 7" BLACK

Dying Victims, black 7" vinyl, sticker,...
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Dying Victims, black 7" vinyl, sticker, download code, IRON KOBRA should be a familiar name to those who follow DYING VICTIMS, as the Germans have become something of a “flagship band” for the label after their two full-lengths, 2012’s Dungeon Masters and 2015’s Might & Magic. And just as those two albums’ titles (and covers!) display, IRON KOBRA are true-as-steel HEAVY METAL time-locked in 1984! And while it’s been quite quiet on the recorded front since that second full-length (except for the 2017 “Kerker & Drachen” 7”), the bikers from Hell return with a brand-new track here, “Malicious Magician,” that’s a glorious return to form – and shows they’re ready for a gleaming-black new chapter, swords strapped to their iron steeds. On the flip is fellow Germans ATOM SMASHER: despite forming in 2010, it wasn’t until a decade later when they delivered their first EP. And while a four-way split followed the next year, the duo’s spare discography suggests quality over quantity – and that’s what you get with their track here, “The Law,” which is a moody & mysterious epic of equally archaic metal. Bright days ahead for ATOM SMASHER, and DYING VICTIMS is stoked to get their name out there with the ever-reliable IRON KOBRA.

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