Savage Dawn MC SILVER

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Jawbreaker Records, silver tape, ltd. 150, DL code, Spain’s Heavy/Speed/Thrash Metal titans Iron Curtain have released a staggering five albums in twelve years. Savage Dawn is the latest and greatest, of which you will now be able to own on a glorious tape edition, courtesy of Jawbreaker Records. As one might ascertain from the album cover, this record is going to be a savage opus of pure metallic steel, forged in the old school fires but with plenty of revitalised and relentless energy to stand on its own two feet. Maniacs old and new can be sucked into this raging inferno of d-beats, bombastic low end grooves, piercing riffs and malicious vocals. The entire band rip out that kind of classic viciousness that pulls the organs into a tight clench as you surge toward the stage for power-amps to melt your face off. Although rabidly intense, there is melody and nuance to these songs which while primitively fist-pounding is a totally valid response, you can hear the craftsmanship of a band whose lengthy years of hard work have paid off to make the masterful songwriters. Those blisteringly tight melodies and sledgehammer-like hooks really ought to speak for themselves, but don’t take our word for it alone, hit the play button and you will not hit stop before the end. If any of you do, Iron Curtain will come for you! Devilishly clever and fiendishly fierce, each moment on this album is a high-octane adrenaline surge that shows no mercy for the weakened state of some modern metal, giving the real die-hards some sleazy poser-sacrificer anthems to wreak havoc to. The consistent energy of the record is not one which stagnates, as the unrelenting and boundless energy does not rely on itself alone and can fall back on the simple fact Iron Curtain write a supremely enjoyable, catchy and fierce Heavy Metal anthem that will grab you by the jugular at any given moment and never let go…

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