Mass Genocide / Live into the Crematorium LP DIE HARD

F.O.A.D. Records, Diehard swirl orange vinyl...
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F.O.A.D. Records, Diehard swirl orange vinyl limited to 100 copies, One of the many underrated gems of the Italian death-core scene of the 80s, not far from the maniacally fast style of their fellow countrymen Schizo but recommended even to fans of the golden years of Cogumelo Rec.! An incendiary holocaust of blasting speeds and vitriolic riffs for a radical and aggressive thrash assault that also harkens back to the faster hardcore of that era. For the first time on vinyl (forget the unofficial, bad-sounding lathe cut 10"s that came out a few months ago) remastered from the best sound sources in existence and finally giving these incredible recordings the proper quality-treatment. Includes an insert with photos, flyers and scans of the original demos

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