Harvest of Malevolence LP BLACK

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Me Saco Un Ojo Records, black vinyl, Danish / Turkish Death Metallers Hyperdontia are back with their third album. As one of the forerunners in keeping old school extremity alive, this promises to be a savage listen. Firing on all cylinders from the get-go, their relentless brand of pulverising guitars and punishing drums with intricate bass lines cut only by monstrous vocals spew forth. Monolithically mixed to grant us the most viscerally lacerating blows of Death Metal might, those who salivate for true morbidity will revel in the ecstatic putridity that immediately grips you. From the gut-wrenching rhythmic torment to the phenomenal soloing, aside from sheer brutality, Hyperdontia have technical abilities that far surpass most of their contemporaries while never feeling obnoxious with their utilisation. Some utterly mad bass guitar moments or ripping solos show a band who clearly know their way around a fretboard while the consistently savage drumming doesn’t let the rhythmic battery relent. As we heard on their prior works; Hyperdontia are a confident and unforgiving entity and that continues here. Although they are inarguably merciless and intense, there is such dynamic strength on this new record from the maelstroms of grooves to the more otherworldly sections, all tied together to plunge headlong into abhorrent chaos. Barbaric and yet precise, each blow lands with ferocity and yet a cleverness to every moment is present too. If you value Death Metal being of the highest quality but without sacrificing the true macabre spirit of old, Hyperdontia is the perfect middle ground and their new album showcases that formidably. Promising a harvest of malevolence and ultimately delivering much more, Hyperdontia decimate all in their pathway with some of their most violently intense and cyclonic Death Metal to date.

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