Watery Graves & Quest for Sanity LP

VIC Records, black vinyl, gatefold, Finally the...
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VIC Records, black vinyl, gatefold, Finally the two HEXX cult ep’s ‘Quest For Sanity’ (1988) and ‘Watery Graves’ (1990) are re-issued on LP. When guitarist / vocalist Clint Bower (Abscess / The Ravenous) joined HEXX in 1984, their style changed from power metal (as on their two first albums) into raw thrash almost death metal. The re-issue features a 32 (!!) pages booklet with extensive liner notes by Dan Watson and many very rare old pictures. All artwork and audio files are fully restored. The album was engineerd by John Marshall (Blind Illusion, Metal Church, Metallica live), all artwork was made by Kent Mathieu (Possessed, Forbidden, Exhorder, Autopsy). The album contains eight tracks in total.

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