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Listenable Records, ltd.silver vinyl (not red as originally announced), features bonus track, Originally formed in 1984, Old school Florida Death Metal Absolute Legends HELLWITCH are back and their unique brand of highly energetic, incisive, Thrashing Death Metal. The band has always sounded insanely catchy, always balancing technicality to a great measure, HELLWITCH have drafted some genuine classic songs over the years and their new album is a culmination of all such works and experience. Band leader Patrick Ranieri comments about the new album : "The forging of HELLWITCH new album '‘Annihilational Intercention" began in 2022. Recorded in the fiery pits of legendary Studio 13 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with veteran producer Jeremy Staska ( HELLWITCH, MALEVOLENT CREATION, DIVINE EMPIRE, POISON THE WELL, HATEPLOW...). This new batch of aural mangulation will contain tracks ranging from 1985 to present. Some offerings include "Hellwitch", a song from 1985 that was left to die only to be reanimated now into a bombastic overture of epic proportions. Also, new tracks "Delegated Disruption" ( the horrors of modern leadership and global incineration ) , "Epochal Cessation" ( a true tale about the dead left in my wake ) and "Solipsistic Immortality" ( Asomatonymous existence ) will be revealed conveying the boundless torture ( chamber ! ) that is, was and shall always be, HELLWITCH ! The cover artwork, made by Khaos Dictator design, is what is coming in the future of mankind on this wretched planet. The Judge is in the final stages of administering punishment to our race, eradicating every last being. Having biologically and supernaturally evolved to possess otherworldly powers, his psychic assault is manifested in spears of burning energy and levitational force. His apocalyptic "Horsemen" look on with hatred, aiding the cause. The poisoned, decimated world that surrounds tells the tale of man left to his own devices." HELLWITCH new aural expedition "Annihilational Intercention" features 9 songs that create an incomprehensible meteoric maelstrom . Clean the blood out of your ears and prepare as HELLWITCH celebrates it's 39th year as the undisputed purveyors of fear and harbingers of hatred !.

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