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Underground Activists, HELFRO emerged from desolation. When his previous band Ophidian I went into hiatus in 2015, drummer Ragnar Sverrisson started chiseling away at his own cruel vision of black metal, late into the brutal Icelandic night. From that intense period of loneliness, HELFRO carved their own way into the extreme metal landscape. Their self-titled debut was released right into the fires of the pandemic, but its chilling melodies and raw aggression slithered onto several year-end lists. Now, the hooded duo are returning with their follow-up. ‘Tálgröf’ rips off plenty of Helfró’s signature, furious tremolo riffs - “Fláráð Fræði” shakes with the fury of a hailstorm. But while their new album delves deeper into addiction and intrusive thought patterns, it also expands beyond the rigid world of black metal. HELFRO are still as cold and unforgiving as the winters in their home country. But ‘Tálgröf’ is prime to light a fire beneath Icelandic metal. For fans of DARK FUNERAL, SVARTIDAUðI, VALKYRJA. Artwork by Grindesign. Tracklist: 01. Jarteikn (03:30) 02. Fláráð Fræði (04:01) 03. Fangelsaður í Tilvist að Eilífu (03:48) 04. Þögnin Ytra, Kyrrðin Innra (04:43) 05. Guðlegt Réttlæti (05:13) 06. Sindur (02:28) 07. Ildi Óhreins Anda (03:58) 08. Traðkandi Blómin í Eigin Hjartagarði (03:21) 09. Minning um Morðingja (04:23)

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