The Hällas Saga - Live at Cirkus CD

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RMV / PLAYGROUND MUSIC, On their 2015 self...
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RMV / PLAYGROUND MUSIC, On their 2015 self titled debut EP, Hällas lay the foundation of the saga bearing the same name as the protagonist crusader as well as the band themselves, which later grew into a trilogy composed of the two last songs on the aforementioned EP and the two following albums Excerpts from a Future Past and Conundrum. To celebrate the completion of the trilogy the band decided to do a one-off show in front of a seated audience at Cirkus, a classic venue in Stockholm. Due to worldwide restrictions the show had to be replanned and postponed several times until it finally happened on April 10th 2022. After more than two years on hiatus and with the exception of a minor festival gig the year before, this was the band's first performance during that whole period, and it was by far the longest set to date in the band's entire career. All first three releases of the band were to be performed from back to back divided into two acts. Act I consisted of Hällas and Excerpts from a Future Past while Conundrum and two songs from their newly released album Isle of Wisdom were performed in Act II. For the first time people were able to experience these new songs live. Some of the older songs such as Insomnia and Tale of a Tyrant had not been performed for several years. Strider and Blinded by the Emerald Mist had never even been played live before. So Hällas fans from all over the world attending the show were in for an unforgettable evening. With this record you get a slice of that pie in the comfort of your own living room. So please have a seat and enjoy this time capsule, as it is a very good representation of how this band sounded live back then.

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