If At First You Don't Succeed ... DCD DARK SYMPHONIES

Dark Symphonies, ltd 1000, 25th anniversary...
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Dark Symphonies, ltd 1000, 25th anniversary deluxe 2CD, reissue of their amazing sophomore release from 1988 "If at First You Don't Succeed ..." presented as deluxe double CD set, complete a plethora of rare demo and unreleased tracks from the band's personal archives. Hades first released their now classic speed metal debut "Resisting Success" in 1987. The band broke up after completing a European tour in 1989, a year after releasing their sophomore effort "If At First You Don't Succeed". After the breakup, vocalist Alan Tecchio moved to Austin, Texas to join prog rockers Watchtower for a year. In 1990 he reunited with guitarist Dan Lorenzo in his new band Non-Fiction. Non-Fiction recorded 3 full lengths and toured the U.S. and Europe extensively before their breakup in 1995. Interestingly, Hades released a reunion CD called " Exist To Resist" on Black Pumpkin Records in 1994 while Non-Fiction was still active. In 1999 Hades signed to Metal Blade Records and released their comeback cd "Saviorself". Originally a demo, this release showed the band focusing on a new, more mature heavy sound. " The Downside" followed in 2000. Possessing a much better production and more cohesive songwriting this release saw Hadespushing themselves to another level as a unified band. Hades finest moment came in support of "The Downside" during an appearance at Germany's infamous Wacken 2000 outdoor festival. Carefully mastered from the original analog sources for the best possible sound, and will be designed after the original releases, featuring original cover artwork, taking elements from the original layouts with attention to detail, even down to the logo and typeface for a touch of nostalgia. Also included are tons of unpublished classic band photos, flyers and brand new liner notes from original founding members.

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