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AOP Records, Gatefold LP with black vinyl, GROZA (“storm”, “terror”) is a black metal band from Bavaria, Germany. Their sound is driven by emotion, anger and sadness, combining searing melodies, raging blast beats and melancholy induced clean guitar passages into a melodic, dynamic blend. Founded as a one-man project by singer / multi-instrumentalist P.G. in 2016, the band gradually grew towards a full band in the following two years, culminating in the self-release of their first effort - “Unified In Void” (2018) - which almost instantly gained attention and interest, leading to the signing to AOP Records shortly after. After 3 years of writing and intense live activity followed the release of the 2nd full length album “The Redemptive End” (2021), that was met with critical acclaim and overwhelming reception of fans alike, entering #78 of the German album charts consequently. Between releases, the band has extensively presented their craft live on stages all across Europe during various club shows, festivals and full-fledged tours across Europe. To date, GROZA has played 120+ shows in over 20 countries. Continuing to do so in the fall of 2024, the band will again tour Europe in support of the new album.

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