This Heathen Land CD

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Nuclear Blast Records, jewelcase, GREEN LUNG are a cult band in the truest sense of the word. Formed in London in 2017, their first two albums, "Woodland Rites" (2019) and "Black Harvest" (2021), brought a folk-horror sensibility to occult rock that attracted a rabid fan base in their native U.K. and beyond, leading to international tours with the likes of Clutch, festival appearances from Roadburn to Bloodstock to Download, and a record deal with the world's largest independent heavy metal label, Nuclear Blast Records. Now, two years after the release of the critically acclaimed "Black Harvest," the band has delivered its most ambitious work to date. "This Heathen Land" is the most complete manifestation of the band's vision to date and fulfills their long-held goal of creating, in vocalist Tom Templar's words, "the definitive soundtrack to the folk horror movie in our heads." On "This Heathen Land," the band has created a sound and identity that is entirely their own, while maintaining the Sabbatian heaviness and compelling songcraft that made their previous albums so popular with the metal underground. From the cover art to the vinyl inserts to the lyrical themes, "This Heathen Land" is heavy metal's carefully researched and executed love letter to the folk landscape of Britain. "This Heathen Land" is the sound that GREEN LUNG forged on their previous two albums, brought to its logical conclusion here. This is also reflected in the songwriting, as the album offers their most diverse collection of songs.

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