Demo 2003 LP BLACK

Austral Holocaust Productions, black vinyl,...
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Austral Holocaust Productions, black vinyl, gatefold, booklet, The infamous 2003 debut demo of this Peruvian horde is once again available on vinyl since the release some years ago in Germany that sold out in days. Now as a massive package with LP in gatefold jacket + poster + full color 16-page 30 x 30 cm booklet with a graphical anthology of the early era of the band. One of the most bestial demos released in the first years of this millennium, Goat Semen's demo managed to sell 2000 copies on tape since it's release in 2003. The demo featured some of the most evil and raw sounds recorded in South America and is highly influenced by South American forefathers like Sarcofago, Holocausto, old Hadez or Parabellum but also with a dose of brutal bands like Beherit, Blasphemy or Hellhammer! This is not for those who want something nice and polished but for those who like the old school brutality like the old days!

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