God Damned You to Hell CD

Rise Above, Heavy metal has a long history and...
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Rise Above, Heavy metal has a long history and profound connection with devilry, deviance and the dark side. The ignominious return of Friends Of Hell can only strengthen that bond. Steeped in purest old school metal and the dirtiest doom, new album God Damned You To Hell is a rusty spike in the eye of unbelievers. Are you ready to feel the flames? The long-awaited follow-up to Friends Of Hell’s demonically thrilling debut, God Damned You To Hell is a scorched earth campaign against all that is holy. Even more defiantly old school and obnoxious than its predecessor, its primitive barrage of horrified heaviness owes a ghoulish debt to the greats of heavy metal and doom, while summoning some abominable demons of its own. Now joined by Hellbutcher (Nifelheim) on vocals and bassist Beelzeebubth (Mystifier), Friends Of Hell are ready to take this rotting world into even lower depths of hell than previously imagined. All Hail Satan and all Hail Heavy Metal!

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