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F.O.A.D., black vinyl, ltd 200, 2nd chapter in...
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F.O.A.D., black vinyl, ltd 200, 2nd chapter in FOAD's mission to reissue the entire Unsound Music catalog on vinyl (Insanity Defense being the first). Another hidden gem of fast and furious Long Island, NY Hardcore with a sound in the vein of the early Touch & Go bands. "What happens when you take a Brit punk and an American punk, put them together in a studio... what do you get? A row? No! You get FATAL VISION" (Jeff Earing). This mysterious short-lived band, created by Ric Clarke and Jeff Earing (Insanity Defense, Satans Cheerleaders, etc) made a cassette of full throttle raging hardcore that mixes elements of punk from both sides of the pond. 12 songs of mosh pit madness, led by singer Pete Coffey. This recording from 1983 was never released in its entirety... until now! Sourced from the band's mastertape and specially mastered for vinyl at Toxic Basement Studio. Including insert with scans of the original cassette, lyrics and liner notes.

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