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Season of Mist, CD with bonus track "Cryogenisation" in Digipak with 12-page booklet. French quartet EXOCRINE have been prolifically writing their philosophical blend of ultra technical and extraordinarily rapid death metal for quite some years, but they’re far from done blasting fans with their take on the genre. With new album ‘Legend’, it’s quite safe to say that the artistry has reached a status worthy of the release’s title. Intricate and otherworldly guitar-passages rush through absolutely destructive drum beats that make your heart pound a rhythm you’ve probably never felt before. Chug your way through deathly grows that make you go “OOF”! As technically impressive as it is, the album is also a testament to EXOCRINE’s ability to spin a variety of elements on the technical death metal genre. Spiritually ascend into the band’s new dimension on ‘Legend’. For fans of BEYOND CREATION, GOROD, OBSCURA, ARCHSPIRE. Artwork by Armaada Art. Tracklist: 01. Presage + Legend (05:20) 02. Life (03:56) 03. Eidolon (03:21) 04. The Altar Of War (04:36) 05. Dust In The Naught (03:52) 06. Warlock (03:25) 07. Dragon (04:15) 08. The Oath (03:46) 09. By The Light Of The Pyre (06:19) 10. Cryogenisation - Bonus Track (04:39)

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