Defectum Omnium DLP MARBLED

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Nuclear Blast Records, double black / white...
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Nuclear Blast Records, double black / white marbled vinyl, Vocalist and guitarist Kyle Thomas comments on the upcoming album as follows: "It's been a long journey for Exhorder since the release of 'Mourn the Southern Skies' in 2019. Lineup changes as well as the 2020-2021 pandemic and lockdown presented hurdles that were not easy to overcome. But we persevered, kept our heads up and went to work with full focus and real goals. One of these goals was to present our fourth full-length album to our fan base. Defectum Omnium" is a collaborative songwriting effort, just as it was in the early days of Exhorder. We produced it ourselves as we had no need or desire to bring anyone in from the outside due to our shared vision. It was also important to us to not only continue the natural evolution of the band since the early 90's, but also to put a foot back to our roots. The influence of punk and hardcore that the band has had since its beginnings in the New Orleans punk rock scene is still very present. We also made sure that our thrash roots were not neglected in our songwriting process. But we've also managed to keep our doom roots alive, which first appeared in 1992 in the song '(Cadence of) the Dirge'. On one new song we even have guest appearances from Rick Wartell and Bruce Franklin from Trouble, and they absolutely nailed it! From the time we started pre-production to the actual release date, we can promise you that every bit of 'Defectum Omnium' has been crafted with great care, and we're really excited about it! Our goal was to make an album that WE love and that gives the experience of a journey, maybe even a rollercoaster ride. We can't wait to share it with the world!" Without further ado, EXHORDER open the door to 2024 with a ferocious new track, 'Year of the Goat', which sets the breakneck pace for the upcoming album. Check out the music video, directed by Brian "Bone" Thorburn. Speaking about the new song, Thomas said: "Our debut single 'Year of the Goat' is a fast, chugging track in the spirit of the influence Motörhead had on punk rock bands like Charged GBH and The Exploited. The lyrical approach is a throwback to the early Exhorder attitude, and we had a lot of fun shooting the video at a free show we played in the greater Cincinnati area. 2024 is the year of the goat!!!"

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