Dissoance, Originally founded in 1993,...
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Dissoance, Originally founded in 1993, Enthroned are considered one of the leading lights of the Belgian black metal scene alongside Ancient Rites. Tragedy befell the band in 1997 when drummer Cernunnos committed suicide. Disc 3 in this set, recorded as a tribute in his honour, features a previously unreleased track recorded by Cernunnos and unknown until now. During their prolific early years, the band toured multiple times across Europe with the likes of Marduk, Dark Funeral, and Usurper. This box set is bolstered with the addition of live and demo bonus tracks taken the ‘Commanders Of Chaos’ release, and features a new extensive in depth interview with band mainman and lead guitarist Nornagest (cousin of Venom bassist and vocalist Cronos). Cronos himself contributes backing vocals for two tracks on ‘Towards The Skullthrone Of Satan’. The cover artwork was commissioned exclusively for this release and handled by Nornagest himself. Additional unreleased archive photos supplied by Nornagest appear in the booklet

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