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Goldencore Records, 4 bonus tracks (Studio-Demos) and 20 page booklet. remaster 2022, For Fans of Satan/Pariah, early Metallica, Megadeth and Marshall Law. Emotional Suicide were formed in early 1992 when old bandmates Mark (Witty) Whitlock, Bud Rogers and Jase Manning were joined by Mark Thorman on drums. Witty, Bud and Jase had originally been playing together in a rock band called The Cut, but when their old drummer moved on, they decided to take the band in a new, heavier musical direction. Mark had previously played with Witty and Bud during the 80s in a band called Big Brother, who had gigged extensively around the London area. His powerful style of playing would enhance the heavier material that Bud was starting to write. Having initially recorded some demos, the band went straight into the studio to record The Word EP. It was during this recording session that the band met engineer Jono Rothwell, who would later go on to engineer the Emotional Suicide album. Although The Word EP has yet to be released, it did contain the song It, which was very much the catalyst of the new sound that the band wanted to create. Bud very quickly wrote a new batch of songs and collaborated with Jase on the song Back For More. A few months and another demo later, everything was in place and the band set about finding somewhere to record the album Emotional Suicide. In March 1993 the band reunited with engineer Jono in a Bedford studio to start work on the album. The band put aside their earlier, more hard rock style material and put together a more cohesive set of songs that were closely aligned to the core theme of the album. It was always the intention to treat the album as singular piece of art that dealt with darker issues and feelings, rather than producing a more straightforward and commercial hard rock album. In true rock ‘n’ roll fashion, the band were always best when playing live, so the album itself was recorded ‘live on the floor’. Emotional Suicide was recorded and mixed in only seven days, and on a very tight budget. Jono, an experienced engineer who has worked with a wide range of artists, including Gary Moore, quickly picked up on the sound the band were trying to create. The full and heavy production enhanced the integrity, passion and anger portrayed in the lyrics. In no time at all the album was finished. Emotional Suicide was designed to be a singular piece of work, so the band decided to release it under their own record label ‘TCR’ and only pursue a distribution deal. Throughout 1993 they were gigging relentlessly, up and down the UK, playing wherever they could to try to raise the profile of the band. Things started looking up when the opening track of the album Keep Your Demon Down, was featured on BBC Radio One’s prestigious Friday Night Rock Show. Bud also spent weeks travelling around London visiting numerous record companies trying to secure a distribution deal, but sadly it was not to be. Having put so much time and energy into the project with little to show for it, the band took a break in 1994 and everyone started working on new projects. Bud was working with Jase on his Eclipse Guitar Concerto, Witty was working on his solo act and Mark was traveling around Europe building his business. Although they all remained great friends, the band were unable to find time to get together again, so ended up going their separate ways. Jase and Bud continued to work together and formed the band Numb, recording and gigging throughout the 90s in venues around the UK. Bud eventually went off to university to complete his degree in music, which he did with honours in 1999. Witty continued to showcase his distinctive and powerful voice with his solo act, with live performances and TV appearances through the remainder of the 90s. Mark continued to have a break from music to concentrate on his businesses abroad. Many years have now passed since the Emotional Suicide album was recorded, but all the guys in the band still are great friends and regularly keep in touch. Bud and Witty occasionally perform together in a blues and soul band called Blue Train, Jase has travelled the world and has now settled in Thailand, while Mark still runs his businesses from the UK. Bud has

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