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Magnetic Eye Records, CD hardcover book (18x18cm, 36-pages) incl. liner notes, lyrics and expanded artwork, ELEPHANT TREE present a remarkable Anniversary Edition of their acclaimed first album "Theia" (2015). While the music of this milestone remains untouched, its artwork has been given a refreshing inversion, and a wealth of rare photos, liner notes and lyrics have been added to provide a thorough look at the band's first decade since the original release. The seed for ELEPHANT TREE was planted in a rehearsal space somewhere in the smelly back alleys of England's sleepless capital of London in 2013. There, the first notes of what would become the song 'Attack of the Altaica' sprang from the bass of Jack Townley and Sam Hart's drums. Thus, it is fitting that this earliest demo became the opening track of the band's new rarities collection "Handful of Ten". The infectious blend of warm, syrupy fuzz and soaring vocal harmonies on the "Attack of the Altaica" demo soon led to contract and the debut full-length "Theia" was released in September 2014. Although the album received an excellent reception by critics and fans alike, the hardworking Englishmen did not rest on their laurels. In 2015 they followed up with the self-titled sophomore full-length "Elephant Tree". The next album took longer: ELEPHANT TREE's decision to try a label closer to home ultimately did not work out as the new label ran into trouble, which left the band's third and latest album "Habits" (2020) without the ongoing support it deserved. Looking back at ten most exciting years, ELEPHANT TREE celebrate this occasion with reissues of "Habits" and "Theia" as well as great tunes pulled from their archive alongside the brash and blistering new tracks under the title "Handful of Ten".

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