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High Roller Records, slipcase, poster, 19 tracks! Swedish crossover thrash four-piece DR. LIVING DEAD! disbanded in late summer 2022, thanking friends, business partners and fans alike for supporting the band throughout its 15-year existence. After their formation in Stockholm in 2007 the group went on to record four full-lengths between 2011 and 2017 – two on High Roller and Century Media respectively – but their first two demo CDs “Thrash After Death” (2007) and “Thrashing the Law” (2008) have never been officially available – until now. High Roller have compiled all of DR. LIVING DEAD!´s early recordings under the title “Demos After Death”. Featuring 13 tracks on vinyl plus an additional six on CD, this set encapsulates what the quartet has always been about – part bandana-wearing, baseball-capped, skull-faced metal thrashing mad and part loving tribute to eternal idols like Slayer, Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. Add to this a penchant for skateboard culture, the cinema of the 1980s, a pinch of belated Cold War angst as well as a healthy dose of humour, and you have a perfectly timeless piece of crossover how it was meant to be originally. Or to put it in DR. LIVING DEAD´s own words: “Grab something nice and cold to drink, put on the S.O.D. record and give yourself a good ol´ pat on the back for being a cool MF. Until next time, cheers everybody!” Andreas Schiffmann Track listing: 01 World War Nine 02 Die Hard 3 03 UFO Attack 04 Indians & Cowboys 05 No Zoo! 06 Chucky 07 Satanic Wolf 08 You're Not the Law 09 Gremlins Night 10 I Need Thrash (Not You) 11 Kindergarten Cop 12 Dr. Living Dead! 13 Kerry Burger King 14 The Joke´s on You (Studio 2011) 15 No House (Studio 2015) 16 World War Nine (Live 2012) 17 Gremlin´s Night (Live 2012) 18 Hard Target (Live 2012) 19 Streets Of Doc-Town (Live 2012) Line-up: Dr. Ape - vocals Dr. Toxic - guitar Dr. Rad - bass Dr. Cobra Kai - drums

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