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Listenable Records, fire marbled vinyl, ltd. 666, Disbelief's new album' Killing Karma' once again underlines the band's singularity and their persistence to follow an unconventional way for more than 30 years against all resistance. Disbelief have grown into a very experienced band that has always kept an open minded spirit, yet remote from any mainstream connection, in order to further sharpen their Death Metal style with implacable conviction and dedication. A colossal, destroying, atmospheric, yet subtle wall of sound was conceived with this new album.The band invited two of the most unique singers in the German Metal scene on 'Killing Karma' : Michelle Darkness (End of green) and Joschi Baschin (Undertow). They perform on some of the album songs : 'The Scream that slowly disappeared', 'Flash of inspiration' and the epic 'Reborn'.Disbelief captivates the listener further with a special rendition of Killing Joke classic 'Millenium', shaping it into a very memorable remake which will surprise a lot of fans out there.Lyric wise, Disbelief vocalist Karsten 'Jagger' comments : "'Killing Karma' is a declaration of war to desperation, grief and helplessness, an unbelievable musical journey through the human soul threatening to break under the weight of life."Disbelief 's new album 'Killing Karma' is a diversified, captivating, strength giving, crushing Death Metal monster !Disbelief : 'Killing Karma' was produced and mastered by Kai Stahlenberg at Kohlekeller Studios.Artwork by Stefan Todor of Khaos Diktator design.Photos by Axel Jusseit.

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