Irrévérence LP BLACK

Osmose Productions, 300x black 12" (140g) in...
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Osmose Productions, 300x black 12" (140g) in a microtene innerbag, innersleeve printed, full-color on 220g carton (coated paper), jacket full-color printed on 350g carton, coated paper (semi-gloss), all assembled in a plastic overbag. After experiencing a journey into the depths of despair, Diablation imagines the future of a newly elected people saved from the emerging apocalypse. They depict this future in great detail in their new transcendent opus, consisting of seven tracks mixed and mastered by Seb BST. The tracks evoke violence and epic emotions, inspiring courage, honor and adoration towards the Architect of this world. The metallic anthems crafted by VOA are supported by incantations chanted tirelessly, backed by a martial, heady rhythm driven at a frantic pace by Rémi Serafino (drums) and Max (bass). The final work of the group features the last words of their martyr singer Arkames, who is now doomed to silence. The work symbolizes irreverence, counter-revolution against modernism and liberalism, and the desire for a restoration of His Reign. The closing words of the work are "Oh God, I rely on you, that we can one day become King again." May this sentiment guide us until our last breath.

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