Allégeance LP BLACK

Osmose Productions, 300x black 12" (140g) in...
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Osmose Productions, 300x black 12" (140g) in a microtene innerbag, innersleeve printed, full-color on 220g carton (coated paper), jacket full-color printed on 350g carton, coated paper (semi-gloss), all assembled in a plastic overbag. "Hell is in man, hell is man." So could be summed up the concept of the first opus of DIABLATION. From the title “Aigle de Sang, Aigle du Mal” begins the descent into the depths of darkness that V. Orias A. has meticulously composed, sharpening riff after riff. Vicomte Vampyr Arkames draws on his inner being, wounded to the soul, to reveal its most painful words and cries, the most symptomatic of the evil that is gnawing at him. Supported by a majestic, dark and tragic black metal, DIABLATION lays the first stone of a temple or more precisely of an order. The principles of this hermetic circle are enumerated over the incantations released by a voice from beyond the grave, always in French: "Reject your God, Erase your vows, Embrace the ineffable, Accept the Devil.” are the commandments. DIABLATION, through Allégeance, offers French Black Metal a black mass that will mark minds... and bodies. Now is the time to pledge allegiance.

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