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Jolly Roger Records, black vinyl, 4 page insert, Depressive Age's early years in the late '80s (known as Blackout) were quite hard, even for rock & roll's toughest standards. The East German group made a daring escape across the border in 1987, but lead singer Jan Lubitzki was caught and went in jail for a year, before joining his bandmates, guitarists Jochen Klemp and Jingo Grigoleit, bassist Tim Schallenberg, and drummer Norbert Drescher, in the West. In 1992, the progressive metal ensemble released their debut, amazing album, "First Depression", followed in 1993 by "Lying in Wait" and in 1994 by "Symbols for the Blue Times", all on G.U.N. label. Especially last album moved more into original and audacious sound. Before their last recording "Electric Scum" (1996) guitarist Grigoleit left the band. Then, sadly, they shortenend their name to D-Age and slowly disappeared. Kindly licensed by Sony Music, available for the very first time on vinyl format.

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