Silence of the Centuries + Remasquerade LP BLUE/ PURPLE A/B

The Crypt, blue/ purple A/B side vinyl, ltd...
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The Crypt, blue/ purple A/B side vinyl, ltd 150, Long overdue for the vinyl treatment, the Crypt is proud to announce partnering with the mighty Depravity to unleash their discography for the first time ever on wax! Brutal and melodic Finnish death metal with chugging, heavy riffs, pummeling percussion, eerie atmospheres and dark, guttural vox that easily stands up against their Swedish brothers. During their two year existence, DEPRAVITY has featured members of Sigillum Diaboli (Fin), Psychopathic Terror (Fin), Sonata Arctica (Fin) and Diaboli (Fin). The amazing 2LP set will feature both of the Adipocere releases including the MCD and the 7"ep, but also the band's obscure yet equally brutal demography and new liner notes from bassist Petri Ilvespakka. Featuring the original cover artwork from Turkka Rantanen ( Chaos Graphics) (also know for the Demilich: Nespithe European cover, Depravity: Remasquerade 7" and Depravity: Phantasmagoria demo covers)

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