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Dying Victims Productions, black vinyl, insert,...
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Dying Victims Productions, black vinyl, insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code, How would you feel if, during the night, while you’re lying on your bed, something touches you in the dark? The air grows cold, their eyes emerge from darkness, and you feel your body tense. The shivers begin, shocked by horror, possessed by unholy force – you cannot escape from this hell. Now evil breaks loose and you’re under a DEMON SPELL! Such is the sonic sensation of DEMON SPELL’s debut mini-album, Evil Nights. The Italian quartet may be name in name, but their sound is most definitely OLD. Among that lineup are such veterans as drummer Dario Casabona, who played with Italy’s legendary Schizo for 20 years, and guitarist Francesco Bauso, who was a founding member stoner-doom titans Haunted. Along with vocalist Federico Fano and bassist Riccardo Liberti, DEMON SPELL bring forth HORROR and EVIL in purest ‘80s heavy metal form: obsessed maniacs who were born under the sign of the moon during terrifying nightmares and morbid rituals. Black-magic riffs, hellfire-burning drums, and soaring King Diamond-esque vocals from Fano telling untold tales from Hell and the beyond. Indeed, it’s difficult to shake the early Mercyful Fate comparisons with Evil Nights, but when it’s done with such blanching authenticity and eerie power, why fight it?! Of course, we could also invoke such names as ‘80s Satan’s Host, Witch Cross, and even the almighty Death SS, but on evidence of the four songs presented here, DEMON SPELL are already on their way in stirring up a bewitching cauldron of nocturnal delights. Celebrate darkness and scream out heavy metal ‘til your very last breath during these Evil Nights!

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