Both CULT OF FIRE and DOOMENTIA have had a long...
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Both CULT OF FIRE and DOOMENTIA have had a long appreciation for each other’s works for a long time so it was only a matter of time before the two get to collaborate together on a project. It finally came together earlier this year with the release of the special one-side EP Píseň černých Vran. And special indeed this was. Not only was it a vibrant tribute to their fallen brother from MANIAC BUTCHER but its deluxe and extremely elaborate packaging instantly set out new standards as well. But those standards are about to be obliterated by CULT OF FIRE themselves with the official release on the 12” shaped picture LP format of their brand new single, the mesmerizing Om Kali Maha Kali. Having been the main them behind their second album from 2013, the Hindu goddess Kali makes here a welcome return thanks to some of the most majestic music the mysterious Czechoslovakia trio has ever unleashed. Fourteen minutes through two long and epic songs of pure melodic black metal bliss, permeated with Easter flavors and that unmistakably typical CoF aura, miles above the current average mediocrity of the scene and nearer than ever to the stars. But it’s truly the actual packaging of this band-new recording that will stand out as one-of-a-kind with one mantra on each side, a fantastic and detailed depiction of Kali herself on the cover and a very specially shaped picture disc. One very important major statement of intent for both CULT OF FIRE and DOOMENTIA and already 2023 most ambitious EP, without a doubt. Behold! • Limited to 500 units worldwide • Custom shaped 12” picture EP • Cut at 45 rpm for maximum sound quality • Housed in a magnetic box with foam • Wrapped by printed custom made shiny sateen cloth • Inner coat displaying an ancient engraving of goddess Durga • Special lid covered by foam protecting the record

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